Would you like to never Cold Call again and still get business?

If you hate picking up the phone and calling someone you don’t know to make a sale or get an appointment, I’m with you. I have been there and honestly, I rather spend 5 hours at the dentist having my tooth drilled on with no anesthetic.

Yes, you could say I mildly hate it. And yes, that is called Cold Calling.  I don’t really know too many people who enjoy cold calling but I do know that there are still plenty of them out there practicing this craft.

Here is something VERY interesting…

The Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina completed a study. It concluded that well over 80% of decision makers absolutely refuse to take cold calls.

Sales expert Jeffrey Gitomer pointed out in his ‘Sales Caffeine’ newsletter recently that cold calling is the worst activity you can waste your time on, with an appointment made from cold calling a close second.

So why are some people still doing it?….. Are YOU still doing it???

Would you like a better, more effective solution?

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To your success


PS. Share you cold calling stories. I would love to hear from you.

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