Erika Ferko

Erika Ferko

Position: Project Coordinator & Social Media Marketing

I help our clients create online marketing campaigns to bring them new leads and more business. My favorite way to do this is through Facebook Ads, creating landing pages, and email marketing campaigns. I really enjoy the constant analysis, changes and learning that is involved. Every time a client gets a new lead or customer through this method I get giddy like I just won something at a carnival. I also ensure that we’re all coordinated as company and working well to make sure the needs of our company and our clients are being met.

Education: I have a degree in Political Science which I think has helped me adapt to the constant changes that are happening in this field. I also love to learn new things and write which is great for me, because I often have to help our clients come up with quality content for their online marketing campaigns.

When I am not “working” I am at home enjoying quality time with my family. I love the summer and really enjoy camping and being out around a warm lake or just a sunny patch of grass. I love all things warm. I have recently decided to start enjoying winter as well and have taken up cross country skiing.

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