Roman Dakhno

SEO Specialist

I am an SEO expert with 10+ years of experience in the field. For so much time I can say that SEO is magic. This science has become so deep that it seems that Google itself does not know what works and what does not. To comprehend this depth you need to understand the starting point and vector of search engines. Over the years, I think I’ve managed to gain that wisdom.


My career started with copywriting and content work, then website administration. Gradually I came to digital marketing, where SEO is what stood out to me. I love how SEO turns an unknown website into a profitable business. You can create really great products or services, but you can’t do without SEO to make them known in today’s world. The feeling when you use your fingers and keyboard to shed light on a project and make it visible to others is priceless to me.


I have dozens of successful cases and my own e-commerce projects under my belt. Using unkillable promotion classics and modern tricks, I am able to define promotion strategy without errors and achieve high results in the shortest possible time.


I am an authentic person who values the same in people. My core values include my family. I love any kind of activity, traveling, socializing and development both physically and spiritually.

Roman Dakhno, SEO Specialist at Effortless Marketing

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