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Sometimes it’s difficult to think of a topic to write about on your blog. You just feel stumped or have a “writer’s block”.

Here are a few tips to come back and refer to anytime you need a blogging idea.

what to blog about?

Blogging gets easier the more you do it. Once you get into a routine you are pretty much on your way down Winning Avenue.  While I am writing this to you I am telling this to myself too. Ideally I would like to spend more time blogging, I personally think its fun but of course where do I find the time? Anyways, because my goal IS to write more I will be looking for ways to make this process easier and faster and while I am doing that I will blog about it since I know I am not the only one needing this info.

Blogging idea tips:

1.  Current Affairs or the latest Headline News.
2. Case studies
3.  Pros and Cons
4.  How to…
5.  Short tutorial
6.  Review a book or product
7.  Be interviewed or interview somebody

……..of course there are tons more. Here is a helpful link to 101 Blog Ideas. It might be a bit overwhelming. If you would like to discuss any of it on this blog please do so. I will definitely engage in the conversation 🙂

2. CASE STUDIES are a wonderful source of blog ideas. The main attraction is that you are telling a story and people love stories. We love the to find out what other peoples successes and struggles are and try and identify with them.


Here is a little case study, a real life, close to home, blogging success.

What I mean by success is positive outcome of any sort. To me success doesn’t have to be this huge event, the overnight YouTube sensation…. Success for most of us is learning and applying something new that gives us joy and gets us one step closer to our goal.

So the story: blogging case study

My girlfriend Silvia is experimenting with the raw food diet. She is actually quite into it but not 100%.  (and yes, she is working on us to try it and I have to admit that some of the foods are very delicious) . She started her raw food venture last year and I helped her set up her blog Lacruda -Awsome Rawsome.  She enjoys writing and sharing info on her blog and has had her little success moments such as getting a complete stranger, a girl from Australia be interested in her blog and join her fans.

Now the reason I am telling you about this is to point  out that blogging has many benefits. For business is an excellent tool but it is a lot more then that. It is a way to express yourself.  People who like your style and get to know you and your values through your blog will stick with you and help you and share the info with others and so forth…

That’s it for now. As always your thoughts and comments are welcome.


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