Marketing ideas for Thanksgiving

Are you doing anything to market your business before the Thanksgiving holiday?

With Thanksgiving fast approaching it is important we think about how we can express our gratitude to our current clients and help our prospects with a few useful tips or information.Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas

Here are a few ideas you can implement right now. The key word is “implement” because without taking action there are no results, as you might know I am a big fan of TAN (Taking Action Now)

1. Send a personalized email to your current clients thanking them for their business and loyalty. Expressing gratitude is an uplifting experience both for the sender and the receiver. If you think it’s appropriate you might even want to attach a discount coupon offer on of your services or products. Your clients will appreciate it and it will bring in more business for you.

2. Offer something useful and of value on your blog/website or social media. Ideally you would have a blog on your website where you would create your offer and add details and then you would distribute that offer (linking to your blog post) on all your social networks reaching as many prospects as possible.

Here are some industry specific ideas on what your useful information could be for Thanksgiving.  Make sure you add a picture to whatever you write about.

Health and Wellness:  share a cool recipe that is healthy and tasty

Interior decorating: create a nice, eye-caching centerpiece or kitchen/dining room decoration

Fitness or Personal trainers:  tips on how to keep your fitness goals during the holiday feast

Life coaches & Parenting: tips on what how to handle the stress of preparing a holiday meal and handling a bigger crowed at the dinner table

No matter what industry you are in you probably know what kind of tips or helpful info you could be talking about to attract attention and create value. JUST DO IT!

3. Make it simple. You cold just do one simple thing, such as express your gratitude on Facebook or whatever your favorite social media is and write a few words about your you are passionate about,why are you in the business that you are in currently…. Now that really doesn’t take long or too much effort but it will be noticed.

Whatever you choose to do to raise your hand and stand out from the crowed before this Thanksgiving holiday is up to you as long as you take action it will have a positive effect on you, your following and your future followers. So TAN – Take Action Now!

I might now say it often but I am deeply grateful to all my client for supporting me all these years and believing in me. Thank YOU! Holiday marketing Gratitude

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To our success


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