Does your website show up when your prospects are searching?

Quick insight on how we get the results we see when searching the web, why some websites show up on the first few pages.

So how come some websites show up when we are searching for information, or a service or a product but others do not…or maybe they do but they are on page 17 so nobody will actually go that far to look at them?  Local Search Engine Optimization SEO

I am sure you thought about this yourself. I know it really puzzled me when I first started to build websites for local clients. In fact it was bugging me so much I started looking into it and learning more and more about it, spending a lot of time and money to get a better understanding and to keep up with the ever-changing rules.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex and fluid process but there are some basic rules that when followed make life a lot simpler.

Here is a very good explanation from “Google” itself.

Watch this video and you will gain a better understanding on how searches online are conducted by the little “robots” that crawl your website.

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