Will your site get penalized by Google because it’s not mobile friendly?

If your website is not mobile friendly Google will actually penalize it–what does this mean to you…

Mobile responsive website

First of all, I would start by going to Google’s Mobile Friendly Test analyzer to see if they (Google) will deem your site mobile friendly or not. If they do, then no worries, take no further action. Well, you could always look into improving your mobile site, for example, applying some SEO strategies and so forth but that’s another topic.

Here is the link to test the site:

mobile friendly test analyzer

Notice how Google says: This PAGE is mobile friendly…

Word of caution: check more than just your home page URL (or your domain name) in the search box. I found that some website’s home page would be perfectly find and pass the test but when I added pages, such as services or random pages from the website those did not pass the test….If this is the case with your website please contact me so I can help you out.

If you want to read more about Google’s take on mobile friendly websites click here .

mobile friendly website test link for Google

If this is what your test results show you, don’t worry it could be fixed.

Contact us. We can help you.  

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