Important Ranking Factors

Latest update on what criteria is most likely to matter when Google looks at ranking your site.

Searchmetrics looks at the op 30 results for 10,000 search terms and 300,000 websites on Google. They analyze the data and share their findings every year.

They are an SEO and Content Marketing platform and are a leader in SEO marketing, analytics, and Google optimization.

Here are some findings from this year’s analysis on what it takes now to rank high on Google.Important ranking factors on Google 2015

These are just highlights. You can go and download the ranking factors from their site yourself for a more thorough report.

Engaging content

The trend is moving towards pages with content that is engaging, high quality and easy to read.

The amount of content on the pages ranking higher has also increased.

My take away is:…..create engaging, quality content for your sites on regular basis. (I have to say…that is not really new… but I guess this year the focus is even higher on this)

Mobile responsive website

Mobile friendly sites rank higher. This just makes sense to me especially since the big hoopla in April Google starting to penalize the websites that are not responsive.  Here is a link to my blog post from April talking about this. It also has a link to test your site on Google’s and see if it’s mobile friendly or not.

Social Signals

Social signals, the likes, pins, views , shares on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media sites are boosting rankings, although it’s not quite clear how or what method we should use. The bottom line is we should use social media as part of our overall online strategy anyway, if you are not it is high time to start using it.

In my opinion if you have a plan and to engage your target audience consistently providing useful information without overwhelming and share that on social media your online presence will only keep growing.

Online Success: Have a Plan, High Quality Content, Be Consistent, Engage, Share.

As usual: TAN = Take Action Now

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