Posting to Your Social Media Accounts-Need Help?

Should you consider scheduling your social media?

I am assuming that you are using social media for your business. If you are not I strongly suggest you start as soon as possible. Just think of it this way: Your competition is using it and getting their name out there, getting visibility and most likely business. So don’t wait just do it.

Social Media Plan

OK, so you are using social media. Are you using one medium or  a whole bunch?

Do you have a set plan you follow or you just post when you feel you have something to say or got a bit of time or feel that you really should be active on social media and kind of force yourself to put something out there.

There is a solution. If you take the time, like a chunk of time let’s say once a week you could schedule some really good stuff on your social media accounts. Like with most things once you pay some attention to it and dedicate a bit of time you most likely come up with awesome ideas to post and get on a roll. scheduling social media content

Scheduling Your Social Media Content

I use as my social media scheduler. Love it. But there are others out there so don’t get hung up on it. The point is to use a scheduler and get going. More about Buffersocial media content scheduler

This doesn’t mean that you are not going to check into your accounts for a week or whatever time frame you schedule your content. You should check once a day or at least once every two days so you can respond timely to any inquiries/comments.

What Should You Write About

What to post on social mediaRecently I heard that we should use the rule of thirds when it comes to what kind of content to post. That would be 1/3 create your own original content, 1/3 curate somebody else’s content and 1/3 is used for promoting your business and special offers.

I like this idea, it’s easy to remember but personally I like the 80/20 rule. 80% helpful and/or funny content and only 20% self promotion. We all know people who reverse this rule and promote themselves or their business 80% of the time or more … lol … well, what can I say … that is just downright rude and I tend to “mute” or unfollow those people.

Life becomes a lot easier once you actually sit down CONSISTENTLY  and schedule out posts to your choice of social media accounts.

Some benefits are:

  • saves you time
  • you build a consistent presence and build your following
  • easier to come up with content when you dedicate a block of time
  • are able to build a social media plan and follow it
  • can look at the stats provided in one place (your social media scheduler) and see what’s working best
  • more…

So if you are not using a social media scheduling system this is the time to start.

As I always say:  TAN = Take Action Now

Otherwise you just wasted your time reading this…

Let me know how it goes. Love to hear your 2 cents worth 🙂

Warm regards,


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