Get Clients On Google Without Paying for Ads

I am almost at the end reading a book called: Effortless: Make It Easier to Do What Matters Most by Greg Mckeown.  This book sheds light on so many mental blocks that we humans have and  don’t even realize we do. Most of our thinking got skewed somewhere between wanting to perform really well and getting stumped by what that means and how we get there. 

The name Effortless caught my attention because my digital marketing agency’s name is Effortless Marketing. There is a reason I chose that name. Many business owners think marketing is a necessary evil…and those are the progressive ones :), at least they know there is value in marketing. There are so many small business owners  who simply don’t believe in the power of marketing, especially digital marketing (since we do live in the 21st century). But this is a subject for another post. 

What I wanted to bring to the surface about me reading the book, is that I realized we really do have options to make seemingly difficult or even almost unattainable tasks or objectives effortless and successful. 

My story:

I created an online program called: Get Clients Without Paying for Ads a while ago and ran it a few times live weekly for five weeks (the length of the program). Most of my students loved it and got some great results but after the end of the last session my enthusiasm fizzled out.  I got sidetracked doing other stuff (like running my digital marketing agency) and kinda forgot about this course. 

Get clients on Google without paying for ads

I decided to sell the Get Clients on Google without Paying for Ads course  as a stand alone DIY, self paced course. I set it up, made it look pretty, added some bonus tutorials and was ready to sell…BUT…I kept stalling and stalling, always finding some excuse why I am not putting it out there for the public to find and buy. 


Because I wasn’t exactly sure what to do, how to do it, how to talk about it…I felt stuck. Not that I don’t really know what to do but I kept finding excuses on why what I am posting will not be good enough, relevant or interesting enough. Funny, I can easily do this for my clients but when it comes to my products I stall. 

So when I came across Chapter 8 in this book, Effortless, that talks about Start with Rubish…so you can fix what needs to be fixed and have the opportunity to hone in on how to do something,.. I felt liberated. I really felt like I got permission to do something and suck at it, so I guess that’s what I am doing now LOL. 

I am proud that I am starting with something that might be not be perfect. I am proud of it because I am actually starting this and doing something as opposed to waiting and doing nothing and have it in the back of my mind as an unfinished project that gives me a “loser” feeling anytime I think about it. 

So if you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner in need of more clients and want to find out how to Get Clients on Google Without Paying for Ads check out the details by clicking the link below. 

Get Clients on Google Without Paying for Ads

There is a lot of good info, many easy to appy tips that you can do without having a lot of experience with digital marketing or coding. One of the things you will learn is how to use keywords in your content across your marketing so that you can reach your ideal audience and get more traffic. 

Thanks a lot for reading this. Let me know if you have any comments. Have you ever been in the same situation as me?

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Viola Olah Hutchinson
Digital marketer and owner of Effortless.Marketing

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