Duplicate Content – Should you worry about it?

duplicate contentThere seems to be a great deal of confusion around what is considered duplicate content online and unless you have been living with some isolated tribe in the Amazon, you heard about the serious effect Google Panda and Google Penguin updates had on some sites, even some big established multi million dollar sites. Most of these changes involved around the content of the sites and the quality of their links.

OK, so maybe you didn’t have to be living with some obscure tribe in the Amazon, maybe you are just not spending time in the Internet marketing world …and that’s OK, this is why I am writing this post.

I assume you are somewhat active online, have a website and perhaps a blog and for sure you have heard of Social Media and are even actively participating. Either way, if you are in business you need to know some basic stuff about Digital marketing, what’s happening and what is important.

Google likes sites to have good, original, fresh content and links that are relevant to that content. This is the basics and if you just stick to this simple principle your site/blog will do just fine no matter how many updates are coming down the pipes.

Here is a short video from Matt Cutts, from Google, himself.

Now, if you are wondering if your site contains any duplicate info, or you are maybe worried that your articles that you have worked hard long hours on have been scooped up by somebody without permission head over to:


This is a site that will give you the answers.

Hope this little post helps. Please leave a comment and make me so, so happy. I will reply to your comment promptly.

To our success!


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