Do you really focus on your clients’ needs when advertising?

If you own a business of any sort you are most likely advertising in some form or other.
Is your advertising material really client focused?

All too often, I see business owners taking marketing and advertising into their own hands, spending lots of money… thinking they are saving money (by not paying for a professional), with little results.

Most of us are so involved with our business, we know it inside out and are having a difficult time “stepping out of it” and thinking from the prospective client’s point of view.

So what do we do? We either blast out aggressive, exaggerated and irrelevant info about our business or we play it down to the point, again of irrelevancy…In both cases we miss the point and hardly mention any of the great benefits our services or products offer.

I typed in Google’s search box: laser hair removal and looked at the paid results on the right hand side, also called pay per click advertizing. These companies pay quite a bit of money to have their ads shown so one would think they know what they are doing. Not always.

Here are two ads found one next to the other. Which one would you rather click on?

focusing on client's needs advertising

I would click on the first ad. It tells me, the prospective client, that they have the best prices and they ship worldwide.

The second ad tells me nothing of substance, just nice empty words.

Just as a side note: if I were to look for local paid ads the wording would be a lot worse. There are so many ads out there that are not “speaking” to the prospect, just adding a phone number and directing visitors to the home page. – Annoying.

It is also very important where the prospect lands once they click the ad. But that is a subject we’ll explore next time.

Hope this little demo and post was useful to you and it made you more aware of the importance of client focused advertising.

Please leave a comment. I would  like to hear your opinion.

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