Cold winters are good for your business, or are they?

Just wondering if this brrrrutal cold weather that mother nature has “blessed” us this winter has had any effect on your business?

Do you do more business or less business when the weather is consistently cold? Or does the weather have any bearing at all on your business dealings?

Personally, I tend to work more when it’s cold out there. I am not willingly leaving the warmth of the house or the office so I find stuff to do, phone calls to make and projects to ponder.

There is another reason I think cold weather is good for business and that is because after a while we start resenting the bloody cold so much we think if we drive the business harder and make more money then we would be able to afford to escape this vast frozen wasteland we call home for either short term (I can see myself sucking down some margaritas in Mexico) or long term (Florida real estate is looking more appealing by the minute….).

OK, my opinion is that as much as we hate it, this serious deep freeze we are putting up with is actually good for us in ways that we don’t fully realize. It’s a driving force to get better at running our business. What do you think?

As always, I appreciate your comments.

To your success


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Viola Olah Hutchinson
Digital marketer and owner of Effortless.Marketing

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