Real life examples of small businesses adapting to Covid-19

So you have a local brick and mortar small business and things were going OK, perhaps even great.

What now?

small business closed due Covid19 What can you offer now during the Covid-19 outbreak if you are not allowed to serve your clients in person?

What service can you offer virtually or over the phone?

Now, in some cases there is truly nothing you can do but most of the time I would say about 80% of the time there is something you can offer online or over the phone.

The question is how can you set yourself up for a strong comeback or any comeback….and what can you offer that will bring in some revenue, something that will be perhaps serving you as an easy and steady cash not just now but later on too.

Here are some real life examples from small businesses in Calgary, some of my client’s. See how they/we adapted and “hit the ground running”. Let me tell you, it’s working and they are getting business.

Just one more thing….there is nothing earth shattering about these examples. The key is to actually start doing something…if it doesn’t work change or do something else but start doing something. Take Action Now! - start adding to your business

Keep in contact with your client base.

If you were not very active in keeping in touch before, no worries, now is your chance. Hopefully you have a CRM (customer relationship management) software and you have a client database with contact info that you can use.

What can you do?

1. Reach out to your favorite and most loyal clients first. I suggest to do this personally, not in a mass email. You could phone, Facebook message, email or text, whatever format they are likely to be using more often.

Ask them how they are doing and how can you help them or serve them. You would be surprized at the positive responses you will get.

[tweetshareinline tweet=”Even if your clients don’t need or cannot use your services right now they will remember you reaching out and they keep their loyalty to your business. They will be the first ones through your doors when you open your business again.” username=”effortlssMrktng”]


2. Reach out to everybody else in your database. You can do this through a mass email using an email marketing software such as Mailchimp (free to send to up to 2000 contacts).

If you have never used email marketing before, you are missing out. It is the easiest and fastest way to generate sales.

“…email generates $38 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 3,800% ROI, making it one of the most effective options available.” According to

3. If you are on Facebook – start your own dedicated Facebook group. This is a very good way to showcase your expertize, attract new prospects and build your branding. It is easy to do and there is lots of help out there. You can reach out to us too, we’ll be glad to help. Join our Easy Marketing for Small Businesses Facebook group, where you can ask questions, get marketing tips and on Wednesdays you can advertize your business.

4. Finally, no matter what – Keep in touch with your current clients by sending them weekly tips (or at least monthly tips)on what they can do at home on their own.

Here are some real small business case studies. Doable examples. 

We know they work and are doable because these companies have already implemented and they already got clients taking them up on their offers.

After 5 weeks of a global lock-down we are able to bring some real life examples from our clients – small business owners in Calgary who adapted and with our help “hit the ground running”.

Example #1.

Arrange for special financing for your clients and prospects.

Many people want or need to buy what you have to offer but cannot afford it right now. Partner up with a financing company and make it happen. Remove the financial barrier as much as possible.

EcoWater Systems Calgary. 

water filtration system in Calgary no payment financing

Example #2

Make sure people know you are open for business. Of course also make sure you tell them how your company is complying with social distancing and how you adapted to the new requirements.

City Boss Residential Roofing

We are OPEN for Business

You could also create a fun little explainer video and add your special offer, if you have one. See video example below.

Example #3

Create a Hotline for your clients to be able to reach you even if your business is closed. The Relaxing Wellness Company, in Douglasdale Calgary has a popup on their website offering a special hotline and alerting visitors of their available online services.

The Relaxing Wellness Company

Virtual Homeopathy services in Calgary
Delivering much needed wellness consultation virtually.











Example #4

Take your consultations online. If you did any consultations or coaching in person, you will most likely be able to do it online. This is not just for coaches, this goes for pretty much anybody, any industry. Try it. You’ll learn as you go. Try it with a friend or trusted client first and work out the issues. It will also boost your confidence.

Part of feeling good is looking good for many of us or most of us? :)….anyway, for most women it’s really important to keep up some routine and take care of our face, hair, nails, etc.

TrueSkin Clinic on 17 Ave SW in Calgary is offering Online Skin Care Consultation with personalized protocol to follow. They also offer free tips on how to take care of your skin at home on your own.

online skin care consultation Calgary spa

In case you want to know 🙂 what are we doing here at Effortless Marketing.

Regarding the team:

We are working from home. We had home offices set up prior to the Covid-19 outbreak so it was a really easy transition. I do go in the office once in a while since I am the only one there and our office building is super small and quiet. The office next door is my hubby’s, LOL, so no worries about social distancing.

Regarding the clients:

We keep in close contact with all our clients and have weekly check-in meetings with some of them. We also do Facebook lives or share screencast videos with tips and discussions on our Facebook group to help others who have questions or want to engage in various marketing topics. Don’t forget to join us. You can also advertize your business on Wednesday.

Calgary marketing agency zoom meeting
Virtual meetings at Effortless Marketing

If you want some help with your marketing or need to brainstorm some ideas for your business on what to offer and how during the Covid-19 outbreak and beyond please set up a short, casual appointment here: 

Be safe and stay healthy!

Warm regards,


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