Google Alerts?

Are you using Google Alerts?

Monitor Competition, Reputation Management, search enginesIf you are not you are missing out.

Google Alerts can make your life easier.  Google will send you an email when there are new results for your search, so you can keep up to date without constantly running searches for the same words (phrases).

So why should you use Google Alerts?

Here are just some benefits:

Reputation Management
You can create an alert for your company name or your own name and keep tabs on what is being said about you or your company online. You will know immediately as opposed find out from somebody or remember to keep doing online searches.

Keep on top of a specific topic
Are you interested in a specific topic? Perfect! Create a Google alert using the words that best describe your topic and you will know what the latest news is without you going to look for it.

Content Creation
Use the alert on a certain topic to easily create your own content around it and be ahead of the crowed.

Monitor your competition
You can always add a the name of a couple of your competitors and get alerts when their company is updating info online. It allows you to be in the loop without remembering to check them out.

 To get started, go to

I will not write a step by step tutorial here for you. It is easy to set it up just follow Google’s prompts and don’t be afraid to explore to see what options are available.

set up Google alertsTips:

When adding a search word or a search phrase make sure they are specific and specialized.
If your term is too vague and popular, such as “health” or “cars,” you will end up with way too many results.


Here is an email from Google Alerts I received today. I monitor news about Hard Water for a client.

email from Google Alerts


Keep in mind that Google Alerts sends NEWLY INDEXED results, not all result available on the Web.

Let me know if you are using Google Alerts and how is it working out for you.

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Much appreciated 🙂

To our success!


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