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Today we’re going to talk about traffic! Not the kind you get stuck in every morning but the kind we actually really need and want as local business owners. Those eyeballs on our website, social media, or even physical foot traffic to our brick and mortar store. Otherwise we might find our business at a standstill.

Since what we do at Effortless Marketing is mainly local digital marketing, let’s dive in to online traffic! The most important thing that we need to do when it comes to getting traffic is to create content. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to create value for and target your ideal client.

Create Content Constantly!

Creating content is how we gain visibility and it doesn’t have to be complicated. We don’t have to write a book, or do extraordinary things. We know our business, and when we talk to our clients in person, we’re often really good at giving them tips and helping them, so keep that in mind. Have a list going on what you find yourself talking to your clients about. Having this list will save you time when it comes to creating your online content. And you will always have something to share.

Put aside time once a month and go through your list and create your content for the month ahead. Creating your content in time blocks will help manage your time and create continuity and a more cohesive message.


To keep driving traffic to your website or your social media the best thing you can do is to create content tailored to your audience. Make sure you know who you’re talking to, and know where your target market really is. Think about your prospects and speak to them using a language that they will understand.

You can deliver your content through many different media. Create a video, record a podcast, get interviewed by someone or interview somebody else, you can write a blog post, write a guest article, make a slideshow, or create an image and short message. There are countless ways to create and spread your content. Go with whatever is easier and more natural for you and whatever is less time-consuming. Once your content is created you can always re-purpose how your distribute it by changing up the format. webdesign-calgary

So? How and with who will you share your business content this week?

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