Business Colors – the psychology of colors in advertising

color for your businessThe psychology of colors in advertising, branding and marketing sets the tone for your business. Sometimes we see these colors and immediately think about a certain brand or company.
I remember when my husband kept referring to my idea of painting a wall in our home orange as A&W decorating. Clearly he did not share my vision of the Mexican villa I was going for.
Choosing a good color for your own business can be as simple as what speaks to you or as complicated as what speaks to them. Personally, I think you should meet somewhere in the middle.

Color Picker

Color picker Chrome extensionIf you’re looking for that right color code for your business check out image color picker or your color codes.

These are great sites to find the right color and know the color code so you can use it for all your branding and marketing. Your business colors should be scattered and used across your website, your logo, and any other marketing materials you have.

You can install a color picker on your toolbar. Just go to your Extensions on whatever browser you are using and search and install a color picker. For example I use Color Pick Eyedropper on Chrome and it’s sitting on my toolbar ready to be used when needed.

Color – what’s it saying?

Phycology of colors-What are colors sayingColors can be divided into two main categories: warm and cool. Warm colors tend to be associated with energy, while cool colors are linked with calmness and security.
Let’s review our rainbow of colors and learn more about what each conveys.

Red: creates a deep and passionate response. It is a color that is generally associated with energy, excitement, and sales. It’s one of the colors that is attention-grabbing.
Orange: creates a mix of optimism, passion and energy. It is a creative and cheerful color that evokes a friendly and adventurous feeling.
Yellow: is positive, creative and happy. It leaves most with feelings of positivity and optimism.
Green: Green evokes calmness and sense of new beginnings. Different shades can create a wide variety of feelings regarding health, peace, calm and trust.
Blue: Blue is also connected with trust, security, and confidence. It reminds people of the trust and confidence they have in blue skies and new beginnings.
Purple: is a sophisticated, nostalgic and spiritual. It evokes feelings of magic, royalty and mystery.

In Conclusion

Use the colors that will highlight your business, and evoke the emotions you want your ideal clients to have. Remember that color should speak to you as the business owner and to your audience in equal measure, and remember to not overthink it 😉


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