Can your business be successful without Google traffic?

We all know that Google is the Master, they dominate the Internet. Yahoo and Bing combined cannot even get close to the almost 70% search engine market share Google commands.

So what do we do? We all flock to Google and want to rank on page one with our list of keywords that we hope our prospects will be looking and finding our business. And that is a good strategy but should not be the only strategy.Can a business succeed online without Google traffic

You could actually run a successful online campaign (see I mention campaign and not an entire business) not using Google traffic at all.  How you might ask? By using social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, buying ads (there are several types of ads you can buy).

If you run your business, your website as if Google didn’t exist and concentrate on value given to your customers Google will most likely give you some well deserved traffic anyway. We cannot get caught up and be worried too much about the never ending algorithm changes that Google puts out every year (apparently there make about 500 algorithm changes a year!).

So the final answer to the original question: Can your business be successful without Google traffic? ….is: no, not really. I can run but you would require a lot more money and time and even then you probably would not be as successful as you could be.

You could find more info on this topic by visiting this link.

The gist of this is:

–          Run your business providing value

–          Do not ignore alternative online marketing solutions specially Social Media

–          And do not ignore Google but don’t overdo it.

What kind of online marketing strategies are you using? Would you ever ignore Google completely? Leave a comment.