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Digital marketing agency Calgary

A website has become a necessity for almost any company since nearly all communication between customers and business owners happens online. Even without a website, social media platforms allow for interaction. Regardless, all communication is conducted through the Internet. It might seem easy to create a website or social media page and start making millions, but the competition is immense. 

To effectively interact with customers, you need to stay within their field of vision, which is a limited space. In digital marketing, there are various channels of interaction, including:

  1. SEO
  2. PPC
  3. SMM
  4. Local marketing

Our Calgary-based digital company, EffortLess Marketing, offers services for each of these channels, both individually and in an integrated manner. Each tool is unique, and there’s no single solution that guarantees instant success. By developing the right strategy, you can conquer the digital world and become a leader in your niche. We at our digital marketing firm in Calgary are experts in this field.

Local SEO Social Media Pay per click

Digital marketing services Calgary

Let’s explore in detail what each digital marketing channel is for.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization). EffortLess Marketing, a digital marketing agency in Calgary, provides search engine promotion services. We all use search engines, particularly Google, and you probably click on the first three results, or at most the first ten. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on these ten sites, you simply change your query. Each query users enter into search engines is a keyword (or keyword phrase), and these keywords have varying frequencies. The higher the frequency, the more competition there is for that keyword. Naturally, if a query is related to ordering services or purchasing goods, every website wants to be the first to capture that business.


Now, imagine how many websites exist in each niche – thousands. We’ve already established that users are primarily interested in sites on the first page of search results. Getting your site to that first page is where SEO comes in.

When discussing deadlines, it’s important to note that many top marketing agencies in Calgary overlook them. They might rely solely on content strategy and promote a project for years. Without the technical aspects and external optimization, such promotion is like trying to hammer a nail with a balloon – interesting, but ineffective.


The same goes for using only external optimization. Without content and technical elements, promotion is like constructing a building without a foundation. It might look promising and show some initial results, but those results will quickly fade.


As you’ve realized, SEO is far from the fastest way to attract customers, but it is the most crucial. Approximately 80% of customers will come from Google. It’s essential to understand that the first results of search engine optimization will only appear after several months of work and significant investment. Once all necessary keywords are optimized, you can expect a continuous flow of customers, leading to profits that will cover all costs within a few months and EffortLess Marketing, a digital marketing agency in Calgary, will help you with that.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertising). For those who need to attract customers immediately, our best marketing company in Calgary offers Google advertising. This approach is straightforward – you bypass all competitors in search results and secure the top spot. However, each click on your website incurs a cost, often a significant one.


While anyone can technically set up a PPC campaign thanks to the abundance of online resources, the real challenge lies in managing the budget effectively. For instance, if you allocate $5,000 for your PPC campaign, you might only generate enough sales to cover your expenses, or not even. After several months of such inefficient advertising, your business could face bankruptcy. To prevent this, it’s crucial to entrust PPC management to professionals.


SMM (Social Media Marketing). For certain businesses, promotion through social networks is the most effective strategy. The rules here are similar to other digital marketing channels – competition is fierce, and you need to use various tools like advertising, retargeting, and more to stand out and be found.


Local Marketing. EffortLess Marketing is also a local marketing agency based in Calgary. This means we focus on providing services within a specific city or region. For local businesses, it’s crucial to rank highly on Google Maps. Achieving this requires in-depth knowledge and the application of advanced SEO techniques.

How to choose an internet marketing company in Calgary

With many companies offering promotion and advertising services, it can be challenging to choose the right one. Each agency claims to be the best, using appealing descriptions of their services. However, making a decision based solely on these claims is not a good tactic. 

For SEO Services:

  • Comprehensive SEO: When it comes to SEO, look for agencies that offer technical, internal and external optimization. Many firms in Calgary only provide internal optimization, which, while useful, won’t yield significant results within a year. On the other hand, companies that focus solely on link-building won’t provide the desired outcomes either. The best choice is a company that engages in comprehensive SEO, covering all aspects of optimization.

For Advertising Services:

  • Cost and Revenue Dynamics: Request a six-month  cost and revenue statistics for the company’s various projects. Investments in advertising can be substantial, and it’s common to experience losses in the initial months. However, you should see a substantial increase in your income over time generated from your online presence. This financial transparency is more reliable than any attractive promises.

By focusing on these criteria, you can make a more informed decision when choosing a digital marketing firm in Calgary.